We are leading consultants in the hotel and tourism sector. Our role is to identify potential in a business and provide pragmatic and creative solutions to realise that potential, thereby adding measurable value.

We help clients in the hospitality and tourism industry to discover greater potential and add significantly more value to their businesses.

Our extensive hands-on experience in the industry provides us with unbeatable savvy, insight, and networks. Our expertise includes owning, operating, and managing hotels, tourism businesses, restaurants, and bars.

The hospitality and tourism industries are about people. And our unique approach to hotel consultations capitalises on our team’s interpersonal skills: collegiate, constructive, and proactive. This enables us to provide a distinctive and contemporary service for all our clients.

The key to our success is assembling a specific team of experts with specialist knowledge for each project we take on.

Our in-house expertise remains at the core of each team. We then bring in specialist experts, depending on each client’s brief. Detailed analyses and consultations glean the information we need to home in on the potential in each project. Our clients recognise both creativity and practicality in the achievable solutions we deliver.

THSA will help you implement measurable improvements and add asset and capital value to your business.

As hotel consultants, we remain independent. Our relationships and recommendations are not linked to benefits – we are neither brokers nor agents. We avoid all conflicts of interest in order to provide the best possible results for our clients. hotel consultant