THSA are leading hotel investment consultants. Keeping a finger on the pulse is of vital importance in the hospitality industry, as the hotel market is constantly in flux. As leading experts when it comes to hotel investments, our consultancy firm provides cutting edge advisory services for hotel owners and hotel operators alike. If you are looking for hotel advisory services that will take your hotel asset to the next level, contact the THSA team to arrange a consultation.

THSA are experienced and savvy hotel investment consultants.

We offer a wide range of professional hotel advisory services. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • feasibility studies
  • market demand studies
  • buy or sell side due diligence
  • business reviews, reports, and recommendations
  • organisational management assessments
  • destination management and marketing strategies and plans
  • market research
  • economic analysis
  • public and government relations and advocacy
  • information technology, web and online selection and management
  • business strategy sessions
  • business plans and budgets
  • benchmark and KPI development
Hotel investment is a complex and dynamic field that requires expertise and experience. We have that in spades!

When looking for an advisory firm, opt for hotel industry experts who offer a range of asset management services, including hotel investment consultancy. As experienced hotel investment consultants, we will be able to provide thorough analyses and insightful advice to help you navigate the hotel industry.

Because we are hotel management experts, we can walk you through every aspect you need to consider when contemplating an investment. Our hotel investment consultants can advise you regarding all the factors that you need to take into consideration. This includes everything from real estate and concept development all the way through to operator selection and revenue management.

Our multi-faceted approach provides unparalleled insight for our clients.

What sets the THSA team apart as hotel investment consultants? Our team is comprised of experts with a wide range of expertise and experience that covers all aspects of the hotel industry. As such, we are in a unique position to offer superior insight and advice. We draw on this incredible breadth of experience to ensure that THSA offers the best service for those looking for hotel investment consultants. The first step is as quick and simple as contacting us to arrange a consultation at your convenience.

Quite simply, our team anticipates challenges and identifies solutions where others do not.

Our multi-faceted approach means that we are able to tailor our services effectively to ensure every client receives the best investment advice. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Not if you want to excel in the hotel industry, that is. We recognise that each project is a unique combination of factors that interact with and affect each other. This level of complexity requires thorough and sophisticated analysis that can take all of these aspects into account. For hotel investment consultants who are as dynamic as the hotel industry, contact the experienced team at THSA.

When considering hotel investment, you need to trust a professional team with a wealth of hands-on experience.