With Tourism and Hospitality Services AustralAsia (THSA), you get much more than the generic, one-size-fits-all strategies you might find elsewhere. If you have long-term aspirations for your business in tourism, and want to make sure your plans are bulletproof and geared for success, consultancy is your best option.

However, many agencies in Australasia are focused on their own profits rather than client satisfaction, so plans and assessments may not be tailored to your individual objectives. For comprehensive blueprints to assure your improved reputation, sustainability, and success, you need a consulting company with a difference.

What sets THSA apart?

Every senior member of the THSA team comes from a long and successful career in the industries they consult in. Because of this, their advice, strategies, and support come from a place of understanding and expertise. While other companies may overlook the commercial insights unique to your business, the consultants at THSA know exactly what obstacles will come up for you from personal experience – and they know how to overcome them too.

Delivering viable, living plans which ensure you the best possible returns, THSA use their collective experience to provide you with big picture outlooks, without missing any of the smaller details that save you time and money.

How can THSA aid your business?

With valuable connections such as owners, investors, operators, and governments in a range of tourism and hospitality sectors, THSA can aid your business with hands-on experience and inside knowledge.

Services include, but are not limited to: asset management, due diligence, feasibility and market demand studies, business reviews, reports and recommendations, financial analysis, lobbying of local, state and federal governments on development and support issues, as well as legal advice like accounting, audit, tax, risk, and acting as expert witnesses.

But these are only a small sample of the services offered by Tourism and Hospitality Services AustralAsia, so for any inquiries, feel free to contact THSA on ++61 417 488 881, or at thsa.com.au.