THSA are leading industry experts when it comes to hotel consultants and advisory Australia. Our experienced team provides a wide range of services for hotels, resorts, restaurants, and other businesses in the hotel and tourism industry.

Everyone in the hospitality industry can benefit from our hotel consultants and advisory Australia.

As leading hospitality consultants in Australia, our broad range of services is designed to benefit all levels and aspects of a hotel business. Hotel operators as well as hotel management teams have seen the long term benefits and success that are a direct result of THSA’s guidance and recommendations.

We have a collaborative approach, working with you to deliver pragmatic and sustainable recommendations that deliver superior results.

Having valuable hands-on experience in the tourism industry in general, and the hotel market in particular, we know what it takes to run a successful business in the hospitality sector. The THSA team is here to provide you and your team with with:

  • management consulting
  • asset management
  • sales and marketing services
  • feasibility studies
  • consulting services
Whether you own a boutique independent hotel or a large hotel group, we will tailor our hotel consulting services accordingly.

First and foremost, the team at THSA is results-driven. We conduct detailed research and analyses of every hospitality business we work with. This means that our guidance and recommendations are always evidence-based. However, we are also cognisant of the emotional and psychological influences when it comes to customer decision-making. In short, THSA takes everything into account to deliver tailored recommendations for sustainable success.

THSA helps hotels and other hospitality businesses to grow – and keep growing.

With our help, your business will not only grow, but enjoy enduring success. We will ensure your business is well-respected, and earns a positive reputation that keeps your enterprise thriving. If you would like to gain the benefit of our experienced team’s advice, contact us to find out how we can help your business thrive.