Our expert hotel asset management services are designed to improve your capital value. As a leading hotel asset management company, we provide a holistic and comprehensive range of asset management services. If you want to improve future cash flow and continue to increase value in the long term, then you need to book an appointment with THSA.

We act in hotel owners’ interests to improve capital value.

We understand that as hotel owners, investors and operators, you have a keen and vested interest in the value of your investment. And this is exactly where our hotel asset management techniques really deliver. We focus on improving capital value.

The results speak for themselves when you have a look at your profit and loss statements and balance sheets. The impact of THSA’s innovative approach is unmistakable: a verifiable increase in the value of your hotel asset. The financial figures say it all.

Are you looking to increase the value of your hotel? It’s as simple as contacting us to arrange a consultation and engage our hotel asset management services.

Our hotel asset management services will improve the value of your investment.

Investing in a brick and mortar hotel requires a not insubstantial outlay. This means that the hotel – like any asset – needs to be utilised as efficiently as possible. Only then can you expect a good return on your investment.

At THSA we are not about simply providing a good return; we are committed to ensuring a continuous competitive return. Our hotel asset management services will increase the value of the asset – your hotel – and thereby provide all owners, investors, and operators with greater value.

Is your hotel operating at this level? To get the best possible value from your investment, contact us to discuss expert hotel asset management.

You need an experienced hotel asset manager.

As professional hotel asset managers, we know how to add value. How do we do this so well? The THSA team has accumulated vast experience working across all aspects of the hotel industry. Our contemporary management experience provides us with impressive industry savvy. This, combined with in-depth consumer insight and marketing expertise in the digital landscape, delivers the results you dream of.

At THSA, we provide a wide range of services. What remains constant across these service offerings is our innovative and collaborative approach.

THSA’s comprehensive hotel asset management services include a range of hotel operations and financial services:
  • hotel owners or investors representative
  • communication with owner and on-call availability
  • regular attendance at the hotel to actively assess, review, and optimise operational performance
  • owner support with regards to the unique elements of the tourism and hospitality sectors (including jargon, ratios, legislative, professional, and social environments)
  • regular updates and reporting with respect to the asset management plan
  • business strategy planning sessions to align owners’ and operators’ interests
  • attendance at management meetings with hotel operator to review trading performance
  • financial analysis
  • review annual business plan and budget presentations
  • review annual capital expenditure and replacement plans
  • oversight of external consultants and technical services
  • review and analysis of conceptual and development plans
  • lobbying of local, state, and federal governments on development and support issues
  • cost reviews (including land tax and valuation appeals; insurance, rates, taxes, capital expenditure; furniture, fixtures and equipment reserve; professional fees)
  • review of asset utilisation for alternative or best use (for example: car parks, retail leases, etc.)
  • pre-opening planning, design and furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FFE), budget preparation, strategic marketing planning
  • technology needs analysis, systems specifications, request for proposal (RFP) process, vendor selection, negotiations, and systems integrations

Our hotel asset management services are available for hotel owners, hotel managers, as well as investment managers.

We will optimise the efficiency of your hotel’s operations to improve future performance and increase the value of your establishment.

Whether you are a hotel owner, operator, or investor, we know that enhancing asset value is of the utmost importance. All our hotel asset management services work together in a focused strategy to add as much value as possible.

For a hotel asset management strategy that truly enhances the value of your asset, contact THSA for professional hotel asset management services.