THSA is a leading hospitality consulting firm. We provide a broad range of consultancy services across the tourism and hospitality sector. When it comes to consultancy, we provide impressive industry insight, accurate analysis, creative solutions, and measurable results.

Because the THSA team has accumulated years of both practical experience as well as consultancy, we have an edge that delivers better results. We will find potential and create value where others won’t. In our industry, hands on experience counts a great deal. And we have more than our fair share!

How can our hospitality consulting firm benefit your business?

Unlike other consulting firms, the THSA team is comprised of leading industry experts who have had hands on experience in the tourism and hospitality industry. It is this practical hospitality expertise that sets us apart, from our competitors and enables us to provide superior results for our clients’ tourism and hospitality businesses across the world.

As tourism and hotel consultants, we understand the complexities of all the factors that go into the management of hotels and related sectors. It is a complex balance of many inter-related facets, which means that you have to be able to see and understand the big picture without losing sight of the all-important details. Our hospitality consultancy firm will develop strategies will help you to better manage this balance and provide superior service.

THSA is not about handing out theoretical concepts that aren’t sustainable in the real world. Our team’s advice and strategies are based on real hands on experience in this industry. We know how theories play out in practice, because we know the reality of working in this field. And this is why our strategies are practical, achievable and, above all, successful.

It’s all about success, sustainability, and reputation.

When we work with you, our primary goal is to help you grow your success, your sustainability, and your reputation. As a hospitality consultancy firm, this is always where our focus lies. Because that is what counts in the hotel, tourism, and hospitality sector. This is where THSA will add value to your business.

Our teams knows how to add value to your business across these three categories. What makes our hospitality consultancy firm stand out from the competition is the experience our team brings to the table. We are not just another hotel consultancy. Our team has accumulated more that 15 years’ experience in consultancy across the globe. However, in addition to that, we also have extensive practical hands on experience.

The THSA team’s experience spans working as owners, operators and managers. This experience includes bars and restaurants, tourist attractions, hotels, and all levels of accommodation. It is this wealth of experience that provides THSA with unbeatable insight in developing creative solutions that are strategic, pragmatic, and measurable.

We are advisory and asset management specialists.

Our experience, combined with industry insight and impressive networks, means that we add value to every project undertaken. Our team will analyse your business, accurately identifying every avenue of potential and value. Our solutions are a successful mix of creativity and practicality. We might think out the box, but we will always ensure that you are able to implement and sustain our strategies and measure the results.

Get results from the industry experts.

THSA offers professional advisory and project management services for hotels, tourism, and hospitality industry:

  1. Hotel advisory and due diligence
  2. Asset management
  3. Feasibility studies and market assessments
  4. Strategy and planning
  5. Development, design, and construction
  6. Representation
Who do we work with?

We work in 3 sectors: hotels, tourism, and restaurants and bars (food beverage). Within these sectors, we partner with owners, investors, operators and governments. Our past and current clients include boutique hotel owners, hotel groups, hospitality companies, management companies in the hotel industry, and many more.

Contact us if you want to realise the full potential of your business and see real results.