THSA is different. We think differently, we act differently and we are very contemporary in our approach. The core elements that make us distinctive are founded on our experience based team.

Rodger Powell. The head of THSA is much more than a hotel manager. He has headed accommodation chains, managed marketing and technology companies, run destination branding businesses, owned, operated and invested in his own businesses and managed other peoples. He is one of Australia’s highly educated corporate governance exponents with substantial experience as a Director and Chair. He is a persuasive advocate with breadth and depth across the tourism and hospitality sectors. He is an enthusiastic and passionate catalyst for change.

Customer metrics. Consumer insights are today’s business driver. Understanding specific, targeted consumer behaviour, measuring and managing consumer metrics like TripAdvisor ratings, and managing the online reputation, are critical to driving volume and yield. Providing advice that makes a difference and drives accountability converts what some regard as an art to a science.

Digital distribution. There is so much more to managing digital distribution than negotiating rates with online travel agencies and channel managers. Energising the conversation with customers via social media and review sites is critical. Social media is word-of-mouth on steroids. Continuously managing multiple digital and mobile channels and working smart to ‘own’ customers is the means of driving greater profits. At THSA, we get it.

Technology and connectivity. Technology is an enabling tool for business. Today the lines between information technology, web, e-commerce, digital, online, mobile and social media are blurred. Importantly they all provide means to build higher yielding relationships with customers. THSA’s MD has been a leader in technology and online distribution for 25 years.

Franchising. THSA understands the franchising ethos. We know the drivers of franchisors and franchisees and what makes the franchise model work. We appreciate the reliance that each party has on the other and the relationship that exists between franchisees. THSA has franchise experience in hotels, motels, holiday parks, family restaurants and fast food.

Interpersonal. THSA believes that constructive interpersonal relationships deliver the most productive outcomes. THSA’s signature approach purposefully capitalises on the collegiate, constructive and proactive interpersonal skills of its people, (honed from extensive experience in Asia, Australia and the USA). When required to be adversarial in our client’s interests we are focussed and robust while maintaining a pro-active and positive position. THSA is proficient in dispute resolution and as an expert witness. We know that conflict wastes time and costs money.


Our clients



Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of contracting Rodger to perform a range of assignments for Mantra Group and more recently for private equity acquisition plans. Rodger’s understanding of the market and his ability to condense the complex assignments into meaningful outcomes is second to none in the industries he specialised in. I thoroughly recommend Rodger as a professional that delivers tangible results.
Bob East, Chair Tourism Australia, Chair Experience Co, Chair Australia Venue Co

THSA’s independent review of the ultra-luxury lodge ownership and competitive market place was a quality piece of work that has significantly contributed to Baillie Lodges (owned by KSL Capital Partners) understanding of this niche, high yielding segment and the subsequent creation of the strategic M&A plan. Rodger Powell’s intimate understanding of our investment objectives, the unique investment thesis for this asset sub-class and his personal involvement in the process from start to finish were central to the production of a well scoped, thoroughly researched and highly relevant management tool that was delivered at project completion. We will be using THSA again!

Michael Moret-Lalli, Director KSL Capital Partners, Director Baillie Lodges
My experience with Rodger Powell and THSA over the last 15 years has been transformational. I credit much of my success to their cutting edge industry knowledge and technical insight.
Tony Mayne, CEO Tiger Civil, CEO BIG4 Sunshine Holiday Resort

Our experience in working with THSA has seen insightful thought, accurate strategic process and planning and a strong ability to bring relationships together.

Simon McGrath, Chief Executive Officer – Pacific, Accor Hotels

Rodger has been working with me over the last 4 years managing my hotels. It has been a good partnership. Rodger has added value by always thinking about the market that we operate in and combined with his deep knowledge of the operations of the hotels, has been key to increasing the hotels’ performances. We have also teamed up together looking at acquisitions and I have found his insight, drive and work ethic has greatly assisted me in the analysis of these acquisitions.

Philip Carter, Owner and Managing Director, Carter Group

Rodger has an uncommon  breadth and depth of experience across multiple aspects of hospitality and tourism. That alone differentiates him from most in his field, but it’s the focus and passion with which he applies it that really delivers great results for his clients.

Tony South, Global Hotel Development and Tourism Executive

Over the years I have known and worked with Rodger Powell, I found Rodger to be innovative, knowledgeable, more-over practical and efficient in his approach to asset management of hotels, to drive solid returns for the investor. We have also found THSA to be diligent and detailed in undertaking in-depth and focused research on specific markets, identifying their trading potential.

Ron Barrott FRICS, Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer, Pro-invest Group
Working with Rodger and THSA is a true modern business partnership leveraging his experience, knowledge and insights while working towards a mutually beneficial outcome.
Leanne Harwood, Managing Director, Australasia and Japan, InterContinental Hotels Group
THSA’s deep experience and detailed analytic capability were a given; what really impressed me was their understanding of the market and competitive environment, and the commercial insight they brought around the viability of a new project. Will definitely work with the team again.
Shannon Wolfers, Managing Director, Pacific Equity Partners
Rodger and THSA have been instrumental in assisting in the build and management of our new Crowne Plaza Hotel. His expertise and relationships in the industry are priceless and have been a fantastic asset to our team.
Alexia Kalis, CEO Kalis Property Group, CEO Kalis Hotels
THSA provided valuable insights into the key players and market drivers for the hotel sector, which in turn assisted Lendlease in a range of projects we were considering and pursuing. Rodger has a wealth of knowledge of the industry and is a pleasure to work with.
Jeremy Teoh, Executive General Manager – Strategy, Construction, Lend Lease