Strategy and Planning

Strategy and Planning – Better results via simple processes

THSA has developed a simple and proven set of strategy and business planning processes and templates. Starting with planning and facilitating strategic workshops, with boards and/or senior management teams, in just 24 hours we deliver, simply articulated, one-page plans which become active reference tools that do not sit on the shelf once completed.

  • strategy and business plan reviews
  • facilitation of strategy and business plan workshops
  • provision of enduring strategy and business plan templates
  • inclusion of SMART budgets, KPIs and reporting systems
  • assistance with strategy implementation and execution
  • governance reviews
  • values sessions, board charters and codes of conduct
  • destination management and marketing plans

These strategy and planning services are delivered personally by Rodger Powell who has studied competitive strategy with Michael E Porter and strategic planning and execution with a number of global strategy consulting firms. He also provides strategy services to a wide range of businesses and sectors outside of the tourism and hospitality sector.