Capital Value

Asset Management – Improving capital value

In todays cap rate environment, where $1 on the P+L drives anywhere between $12 and $20 on the balance sheet, the focus is on capital value improvement. Owners, investors and operators with a substantial investment in bricks and mortar want to ensure a continuous competitive return from an efficiently utilised asset. We understand that enhancing the asset value via an experienced asset manager who can add value to the owner/investor and to the operator is an imperative.

THSA focuses on improving capital value.

  • THSA has an innovative, collaborative approach to asset management and provides the following services:
  • Optimising operational performance
  • Owner’s or investor’s representative
  • Site, opportunity, asset identification, analysis and valuation
  • Asset utilisation and alternate or best use analysis and review
  • Feasibility studies including market demand, financial forecasts, cash-flows
  • Operator and brand selection and management contract negotiation
  • Franchise selection and agreement negotiation
  • Renovation, refurbishment and redevelopment planning
  • Financial analysis and budget reviews
  • Attendance at management meetings
  • Operator oversight and relationship management
  • Board Director representation
  • Resident Director services
  • Company registration and ASIC requirements
  • Engagement and coordination of legal, accounting, audit, tax, risk and other experts
  • Management of the valuation process to extract greatest capital value
  • Land tax appeals, council negotiations, government grant assistance