Asset Management

Asset Management – Acting in owners interests

An additional $1 in top line revenue can produce as much as $0.30 for the bottom line and therefore add anywhere from $3.60 – $6.00 to the balance sheet in the current cap rate environment. THSA employs deep consumer insights and contemporary management experience with marketing expertise in the digital distribution environment to drive incremental revenue.

Specific services provided by THSA as asset manager include:

  • communication with owner and on-call availability
  • owner support re unique elements of the hospitality and tourism sectors (jargon, ratios, legislative, professional and social environments)
  • regular update and reporting against asset plan
  • business strategy planning sessions to ensure owner interests and operator alignment
  • attendance in person at management meetings with operator to review trading performance reports against plan and benchmarks and address queries or concerns
  • review annual business plan and budget presentations
  • review annual capital expenditure and replacement plans
  • oversight of external consultants and technical services
  • review and analysis of concept and development plans
  • lobbying of Local, State and Federal Governments on development and support issues
  • owners’ costs review – land tax and valuation appeals, insurance, rates, taxes, capital expenditure, FF+E reserve, professional fees
  • review of asset utilisation for best use – e.g. car parks, retail leases etc.
  • pre-opening planning, design and FF+E, business plan and budget preparation, strategic marketing planning
  • technology needs analysis, systems specifications, RFP process, vendor selection, negotiations and systems integration.